In 2008, paranormal investigator/ educator, Mike St. Clair founded Team VIPER and family.  Soon after, in 2011 Amanda Cline Mattox founded VIPER WV in her home town of Gilbert, WV.  Amanda moved to the Roanoke area in 2012 and and joined the VIPER team. The two founders have joined forces and became Roanoke Virginia's premier paranormal investigation group Viper Paranormal.
Updated February 21 , 2014

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VIPER Paranormal is always interested in investigating the paranormal and helping people understand what is occurring. We are prepared to help residents/owners of homes, businesses, museums, schools etc. cope with possible paranormal activity. Investigations are free of charge and all information is kept strictly private and confidential.

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With the rise in popularity of paranormal  investigation T.V. shows there is also a rise  in  the ghost hunting population. At Team VIPER RIP we think it's great that our field of research is growing, but unfortunately there are too many teams  out   there  copying  what they see on T.V. and refusing  to advance their paranormal education by any other means. Click the photo for Ghost  Hunting 101, Budget Ghost Hunting,   Equipment  Reviews, Tutorials, How To Review, Analyze, And Even Debunk Paranormal Photos, EVP's, And Videos, Free Software, Tutorials, And Much Much More! Show your support by voting us top paranormal site.

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